Queen Beatrix

1938 1980-2013

Beatrix was born in The Hague. She lived in Canada for a number of years from the age of two, when the Netherlands was occupied during the Second World War. Unlike her mother and grandmother, Beatrix attended an ordinary primary school.

In 1965, the Crown Princess became engaged to the German diplomat Claus von Amsberg. There were initial objections to Claus because he served as a conscript in the German army during the Second World War. Due to the German occupation during the war, this is a sensitive point for some of the Dutch population. But the Prince Consort quickly made himself popular with the public. 

Princess Beatrix and Prince Claus had three sons: Willem-Alexander, Johan Friso and Constantijn. At the beginning of 2013 Queen Beatrix announced her intention to abdicate. Her son Willem-Alexander succeeded her later that year.