Visit Paleis Het Loo

New entrance area

Entrance balcony

When you enter the palace through the corner pavilion, you will find yourself on the entrance balcony, with the information desk at the centre. Our staff are there to answer your questions about exhibitions, audio guides, opening hours and prices. You can buy your ticket there, and rent a device to listen to an audio guide.

The extension


There is a free cloakroom, with attendants, on the entrance balcony, where you can leave your coats and any bags that are larger than A4 size. Our staff will be happy to keep your coat, rucksack, umbrella or larger bags safe while you visit the museum. Or you can use a locker if you prefer.


Lockers are available on the entrance balcony if you would rather leave your belongings there. To open a locker, simply use the QR code on your ticket.

Staircase to the palace
Grand foyer
The House of Orange-Nassau
Grand foyer with view to the palace

Visiting the palace

Walk through from the entrance balcony to the grand foyer. To the left is the temporary exhibition ‘Masterpiece’, while our permanent exhibit on the Dutch royal family is on the right. Walk straight ahead to enter the palace itself.