Anne of Great Britain and Hanover


Anne was the oldest daughter of King George II of Great Britain. She was born in the German city of Hanover, of which her grandfather was prince. When her grandfather was crowned King of Great Britain, Anne became a princess of Great Britain. When her father, George II, became king, he created his eldest daughter Anne Princess Royal.

After years of negotiation, Anne married Willem IV. She was shocked when she first met her fiancé, who had a crooked spine, and it took some time for Anne to adjust to life in Leeuwarden after she moved from London. She also had a difficult relationship with her mother-in-law, Maria Louise of Hesse-Kassel. Nevertheless, her marriage was a happy one. When Willem IV became stadtholder of the entire Republic of the United Netherlands, the family moved to The Hague. Anne loved painting and was very musical. Her music teacher was the famous composer George Frideric Handel.

After two stillbirths, Anne gave birth to the couple’s daughter Carolina. Their son Willem V was just three years old when Willem IV died. Anne became regent on behalf of her young son.  

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