Food and drinks

Take the time for some refreshments in one of the restaurants.

Prins Hendrik garage

This restaurant on the stables square offers a wide range of coffees and teas, with delicious treats to accompany them, of course. Later in the day, you might like to enjoy lunch or drinks with a view of the stables yard.



picnic in the paleistuin

11:00 to 13:00The box contains a sandwich and/or wrap, a snack and a drink. Choose your own picnic spot – maybe under the trees in the garden, or on a bench in the sun. Book your lunchbox online, and we will ensure it is ready for you on arrival. Book online

Garden restaurant

The garden restaurant at the site of the ‘klosbaan’, where the royal residents and their guests would relax and play a game involving hoops. Now visitors will be able to rest a while in our self-service facility and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea, or lunch or drinks later in the day.

Kiosk behind the colonnades

Open 11:00 to 15:00

The colonnades are situated at the end of the garden. The seating area beneath them is a perfect place to sit and enjoy the view. The kiosk behind the colonnades sells snacks, drinks and ice creams.