Bernhard of Lippe-Biesterfeld


Bernhard was born in eastern Germany. He met Princess Juliana in 1936. A few months later he proposed to her at Paleis Het Loo, but Juliana felt it was too soon to become engaged. She agreed to marry him a month later, however.

More consideration was given to Bernhard’s role after his marriage than that of his father-in-law Hendrik. Bernhard was given an allowance, and several duties. In 1940 the royal family fled the Netherlands after the German army invaded. During the Second World War Bernhard remained in London with Queen Wilhelmina. His mother-in-law gave him several military roles.

Bernhard was quite popular in the Netherlands, though he was a controversial figure, becoming involved in a bribery scandal involving the American aircraft manufacturer Lockheed. It was later revealed that he had had several extramarital affairs.

Princess Juliana and Prince Bernhard both died in 2004.

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