Paleis Het Loo - Mary ll Stuart

Mary I Stuart


Mary Stuart was the oldest daughter of Charles I, King of England. She was the first holder of the title Princess Royal. She was sister to the kings Charles II and James II, and was thus an ideal spouse for Prince Willem, the eldest son of the Dutch stadtholder Frederik Hendrik (Frederick Henry). Mary was just nine years old when she was married to Willem; he was fourteen.  

Her husband became stadtholder when Mary was fifteen. He died of smallpox three years later. Eight days after his death Mary gave birth to their son, who would later become Stadtholder Willem III. Mary remained in the Netherlands to raise her son. To her annoyance, her mother-in-law Amalia of Solms-Braunfels interfered with his upbringing. Mary’s haughty attitude did not win her many friends in the Netherlands. She felt superior to the members of the House of Orange, being the daughter of a king. She died of smallpox while visiting family in England, aged 29. Her son was just ten years old at the time.

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