Throne to Paleis Het Loo after ‘Prinsjesdag’

19 September 2023

On ‘Prinsjesdag’ (‘Princes’ Day’, the official opening of the Dutch parliament) the king reads the ‘Speech from the Throne’. This speech symbolises the start of the parliamentary year in the Netherlands. The Ridderzaal (Knights’ Hall, where the speech is usually given) is currently being renovated, so for the time being the speech will be delivered at the Royal Theatre in The Hague. 

This year, too, King Willem-Alexander will sit on the throne that is only used on this special day. After Prinsjesdag this striking piece of furniture will be transported to Paleis Het Loo, to be displayed in our ‘Power of the Throne’ exhibition from 14 October 2023.

From Knights’ Hall to exhibition hall

This throne soon came up when plans for the exhibition were first discussed. ‘The first thing I thought of was the throne from the “Speech from the Throne”’, says curator Niels Coppes. ‘It doesn’t normally go out on loan, but coincidentally, the parliament buildings are being renovated at the moment, so we have been able to arrange a loan. This will be the first time the throne is on display in an exhibition.’

The meaning of thrones

Thrones are universal. They have existed throughout history and in all cultures. ‘Power of the Throne’ is a temporary exhibition that explores the meaning of thrones at different times and in different cultures using art and historical objects, from the throne that usually stands in the Knights’ Hall to the Iron Throne from ‘Game of Thrones’.

Power of the Throne will be open from 14 October 2023 to 10 March 2024.

Kracht van de troon
De troon waar vanuit de troonrede wordt voorgelezen.