Sustainability is very important, not only within our organisation, but also for our visitors and our green legacy. We aim to obtain the BREEAM-NL In-Use in 2023.

This is what we are doing:

  • Using natural pesticides

  • 85% of our vehicles are sustainably powered

  • At least 25% of our suppliers are local or regional

  • Bikes are available to all staff for internal travel around our site

  • The palace has a new central energy facility which allows us to generate sustainable power through heat and cold storage and a heat pump

  • All lighting at the palace uses LED bulbs

  • All toilets and taps have been replaced with new low-water-use models

  • We only purchase 100% green energy

  • Waste and raw materials are reused or recycled as much as possible


CollectieCentrum Nederland (CC NL) opened in Amersfoort in 2021. Part of our collection is stored there. The facility is a collaboration involving Paleis Het Loo, the Rijksmuseum, the Dutch Open Air Museum and the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands. The design of the new building received a BREEAM-NL Outstanding label (5 stars – the highest score) for sustainability.