Comprehensive expansion and renovation Paleis Het Loo completed

14 April 2023

Paleis Het Loo will open its doors on 22 April. This completes a unique renovation within five years and an expansion of over 5,000 m2 located under the palace's forecourt.

This ambitious project has added space for permanent and temporary exhibitions and new visitor facilities. The renovated Paleis Het Loo exudes the grandeur befitting one of the Netherlands' most renowned museums.


Designed by Dikkie Scipio of KAAN Architecten, the extension is located directly under the palace's forecourt, once the home of King Stadholder William III and his wife Mary II Stuart. The design for the contemporary extension was inspired by the palace's floor plan and symmetry. The grand foyer connects the modern extension and the historic palace.

The House of Orange

The presentation “The House of Orange” is about the history of the Dutch royal family and its role within the Netherlands and abroad. With masterpieces, video images and animations, visitors can discover the story behind the colour orange and of the royal family: from William of Orange to Amalia.

The stories explore the origins of the royal family. Wandering past objects, from the 16th to the 21st century, visitors unravel the 'great history’ of the Netherlands and the House of Orange.

The presentation is also about the public side of the monarchy: about power, politics and image. The relationship with the people runs through it like a thread, because without the support of the people, the monarchy cannot exist.

Temporary exhibition Masterpiece

The first temporary exhibition deals with the rebuilding process of the 5,000 m2 extension and renovation of the palace. For years, the forecourt was a metre-deep construction site. This was a grand project, with technical challenges and complex planning. Hundreds of people worked on this architectural masterpiece, in which every detail was prepared, documented and executed to perfection. Pure craftsmanship.

Visitors can discover what went into the renovation of Paleis Het Loo: a masterpiece.

Orange blossom

The artwork Orange blossom Linda Nieuwstad depicts the renewal of Paleis Het Loo. Visitors can see, feel and even smell the sculpture. Nieuwstad was inspired by a painting from the collection of Het Loo Palace, ‘Vivat Rex’, painted by Elias van den Broeck.


Together with fragrance developer Sebastian Fischenich, Paleis Het Loo has developed its own fragrance.


International music agency MassiveMusic developed a composition that gives Palace Het Loo its own sound. The inspiration was English Baroque composer Henry Purcell, who also composed music for William and Mary in the 17th century.

“I am proud of the result. There is now a museum that is ready for the future. I hope that everyone, wherever they are, will have the opportunity to visit Palace Het Loo and thus discover the history of the royal family and the Netherlands.”

—Michel van Maarseveen - General manager