Accepting policy

If you are considering offering Paleis Het Loo an item for its collection in the form of a gift, loan or purchase, please read the information below.

Visitors often bring objects with them to Paleis Het Loo and offer them to a member of staff during their visit. Our staff have been instructed never to accept objects in this way. We adhere to the steps outlined below in all cases, in order to be sure of the owner and provenance of the object. In order to assess the object, we need certain information:

  1. Contact details

  2. A description and photograph of the object

  3. Clarification of why Paleis Het Loo is the ideal place for this object/these objects.

  4. Who owns the object? How did it come into their possession, and what is its history?

  5. Do you wish to gift the object, provide it on long-term loan, or offer it for sale?
    in the event of a loan: for how long, and will it be subject to any particular conditions?
    in the event of objects offered for sale: what is the price? Are you aware of the tax relief scheme for gifting items?

  6. Obtaining information: we have many staff with specialist knowledge of various aspects of history and art, and we are happy to share our knowledge. We cannot however provide valuations or certificates of authenticity. For this purpose, you should contact a recognised art valuation agency. 

We cannot accept all objects we are offered for our collection. If the object offered is not compatible with our acquisitions policy, we will be happy to help you think of another potential home for it.

Make your offer in writing to:

Paleis Het Loo
Knowledge & Collection Cluster
attn. Anita Homan, registrar
Koninklijk Park 1
7315 JA  Apeldoorn
or by email:

NB: Do not send any objects with your letter. Paleis Het Loo does not accept liability for any damage to or loss of any objects sent!

Delftware vases
Paintings on a wall
Fountain in the garden

Our procedure

  1. After we have received your letter or email containing the information specified above, we will send you confirmation of receipt within five working days.

  2. If you are requesting information, your question will be passed on to the appropriate curator(s) who will take the matter further. In this case, the confirmation of receipt will state who is dealing with your question, and how long it is likely to take. If we are unable to answer your question, we will of course inform you that this is the case.

  3. All gifts, loans and purchases will be evaluated in light of our collection policy and presented to our internal monthly meeting for assessment.

  4.  If we decide not to take up your offer, we will explain the reasons for our decision.

  5.  If we decide to accept the object, we will contact you to discuss any conditions you may wish to stipulate and to arrange a date for transfer. You will be sent a reference number for further correspondence on the transfer of the object to the museum.