Paleis Het Loo among the top tourist attractions in the Netherlands

Tourist attraction Paleis Het Loo in the Netherlands
Paleis Het Loo

As one of the top tourist attractions in the Netherlands, Paleis Het Loo has everything you want for a great excursion. The largest 17th century Dutch palace with original interiors. One of Europe’s most beautiful baroque gardens. The junior palace, palace park, stables and carriage houses. There’s so much to see and do at Paleis Het Loo. This makes it one of the top Netherlands tourist attractions that welcomes visitors from around the world.

Baroque gardens of Paleis Het Loo
The baroque gardens of Paleis Het Loo
Junior palace for children | Paleis Het Loo
The Junior palace for children

Dutch tourist attraction bringing Dutch culture and history to life

Paleis Het Loo holds a special place among tourist attractions in the Netherlands. This is because it gives you such an up-close perspective on Dutch history and The House of Orange. As you explore the palace, gardens and exhibitions, you get to know the family who lived in the palace and the history of the Netherlands - reflected in every room, object, painting, flower and plant. It’s this unique encapsulation of Dutch history in one space that attracts so many visitors from the Netherlands and abroad. Paleis Het Loo is a Holland tourist attraction that takes you on a fascinating journey through Dutch history and culture.

Palace tours with audio guide | Paleis Het Loo
Palace tours in the app

Ready to welcome new generations of visitors

While steeped in history, Paleis Het Loo never stands still. The recent transformation writes a new chapter in the story of the palace’s past, present and future. The five-year refurbishment project sees the restoration of the historical spaces and the creation of 5,000 square meters of new modern museum space. Following an innovative design, the extension goes underground.

The underground grand foyer | Paleis Het Loo
The below-ground grand foyer

A 10-metre-deep subterranean space is dug beneath the forecourt. While the historic palace is suspended on temporary foundations, 35,000 m3 of water is pumped out and 1,800 truckloads of sand are removed to create the space. It is the first time in history for a palace to be lifted. Below-ground and above-ground are interconnected, just like the past and present are.

Today you enter Paleis Het Loo through an airy grand foyer of glistening Spanish Bianco Macael stone. Daylight streams into the space, which houses visitor facilities, reception rooms, the gift shop, the temporary exhibitions and the permanent House of Orange exhibition.
The transformation gives an enhanced experience to the more than 500,000 visitors each year who visit Paleis Het Loo, making it one of the most popular tourist attractions in the Netherlands. The museum is ready to welcome new generations to the Dutch tourist attraction that has and always will be a showpiece of Dutch design.

Close to other Dutch tourist attractions

Paleis Het Loo stands in the woodlands on the outskirts of the Dutch town of Apeldoorn, just an hour’s drive from Amsterdam. The area is home to many of the popular tourist places in the Netherlands. The National Park The Hoge Veluwe with the Kröller-Müller Museum, whose collection includes works by Van Gogh, Monet, Picasso and Mondriaan, is just 20-minutes away. Apenheul zoo with 300 free-roaming monkeys is one of the favourite Netherlands tourist attractions for young and old alike and is just 15 minutes away. The area is also a culinary tourist attraction with some of the best restaurants the country has to offer.