Junior Palace

playing and working together

Step into the cheerful court of the Junior Palace! Here you can do what can't be done in the historic palace.

Joyful court for children

The Junior Palace is an imaginative reflection of our own world. Stroll through the colourful palace rooms, from Bureau of Kitchen Affairs to Bureau of Dance Affairs. Meet the Majesties and their staff. There are friends from other countries visiting. Like the queen with bee fur, the king who likes boys' and girls' clothes and a female knight. They are the guests of honour.

On weekdays, the Junior Palace is open from 1pm - 5pm. On weekends from 10.00 - 17.00.

What will you do?

Using the 'Kingsta', a variant of the smartphone, you will carry out an assignment from 'The Majesties' and the Stone Masters. You will organise an unforgettable party for your guests from all over the world! And how do you make the guests of honour feel welcome and important?

You get to work with cakes, flowers and perfume bottles. You will learn a dance and end up at a party. Partly with 'real stuff', but it also takes place in a digital world. Your guests will have the party of their lives!

Practical information

  • Please note that on Mondays, the Palace is open from 1 p.m.

  • The Junior Palace is included in the entrance fee

  • Reserve a time slot for the Junior Palace at the entrance desk in the palace

  • The Junior Palace is for children aged 3 - 12


Being hospitable and connecting and strengthening your global network; that too is part of palace life. It fits in with the mission and vision of Palace Het Loo to highlight the royal past from as many sides as possible. That happens with heritage, collection, gardens and history. Now also with the possibility for young visitors to experience palace life in their own way.

The Junior Palace was made possible with the support of VSBfonds, Stichting Zabawas and the Frank van der Wal Fonds.