Palace tours

Picture Gallery | Paleis Het Loo

There are two tours for visitors to the palace, each with its own audio guide. The stories of the audio guide really brings the rooms in the palace to life. There are three different stories which visitors can use independently during their time at the palace.

You can listen to the audio content (30 minutes) in the app (available for download to your smartphone) or on an audio device.

Audio stories

Meet the first occupants of Paleis Het Loo. The story of Willem III and Mary is a dramatic mix of power, family and religion. When the young couple became king and queen of England, Paleis Het Loo became the centre of power in Europe. Count Hans Willem Bentinck – Willem III’s best friend – will guide you, and tell you all about 17th-century politics and the secrets of the palace.

Wilhelmina, King Willem-Alexander’s great-grandmother, lived here at Paleis Het Loo. This was her favourite palace. Guides Ziarah and Mark will take you into her world, with stories about life at the palace in the 19th and 20th centuries. Though Wilhelmina is the star, the story also includes her parents, King Willem III and Emma, her husband Hendrik and her daughter Juliana and son-in-law Bernhard.

Get to know them a little better in the place they called home. See the cosy room used by Emma, Hendrik’s hunting souvenirs and Bernhard’s reception room. Male-female relations in the early 20th century also feature in the tour, as Wilhelmina was the first queen and Hendrik the first prince-consort in the history of the Dutch royal family.

A palace is just like your home. What does home feel like? It’s not just a house to live in, or – if you’re king or queen – to work in. The palace is full of expensive furniture and old paintings. But is it also nice and cosy? Bo, Puck, Jamilia and François will tell you stories about this very special house and the people who lived here. 

Tip: It’s fun if the whole family listens to the same story. Suitable for everyone aged 7 and over.