Diversity and inclusion

Every visitor must feel welcome – at home even – at Paleis Het Loo. The museum takes this responsibility very seriously.

We want to be a place that contributes to a diversity of views, opinions and ideas. A museum that is accessible to all, not only physically, but also socially, culturally and in terms of what we offer.

Paleis Het Loo is aware that much remains to be done before it is truly a museum for all, and we will continue to do our very best to achieve this goal.

"Member of the Supervisory Board of Paleis Het Loo: ‘Museums face the challenge of enshrining diversity and inclusion in their policy, and of actually putting them into practice. My experience and insights in these areas help in these efforts. And if you really want to make progress, you have to give people from different backgrounds a place on your Supervisory Board, management and staff.”

—Mardjan Seighali – Member of the Supervisory Board of Paleis Het Loo

Plan of action

Paleis Het Loo endorses and complies with the Cultural Diversity & Inclusion Code.
To this end, we are working on an action plan based on four ‘Ps’: personnel, programme, public and partners.

Our selection and recruitment process – including for our supervisory directors – is based on equal opportunities and equal treatment. 

We consider on a subject by subject basis which perspective (or perspectives) is most appropriate for our programme. We write our exhibition texts, descriptions, information, audio guides and tour information in a comprehensible, non-judgmental, multi-voiced way, always in two languages, and preferably more.

We do our utmost to cater for the needs of different visitors.

Paleis Het Loo works with partners that can introduce innovations and diversity to our programme.