Dutch royal palace that feels like home

Dutch royal palace that feels like home | Paleis Het Loo

Paleis Het Loo is a Dutch royal palace that kings, queens, princes and princesses call home for three centuries. Everything about Paleis Het Loo is distinctly Dutch. The first thing you notice as you walk towards the Dutch royal palace is the 17th century Dutch baroque architecture. The symmetrical design creates balance and harmony. Impressive without being imposing.

Once inside this Dutch palace, you are struck by the modestly proportioned rooms. The drawing rooms, salons, bedrooms, dressing rooms and staircases are all on a human scale. With their original furnishings and decors, each room gives you a glimpse into the life and personality of the residents of this Dutch royal palace.

Queen Wilhelmina's home | Paleis Het Loo
Queen Wilhelmina's Drawing Room

Dutch royal palace tells the story of a family

Paleis Het Loo doubles as a royal palace and family home for over three centuries. Royal duties and family life merge at Paleis Het Loo. The Dutch royal palace is the setting for both state receptions and royal events and family Christmas dinners and Saint Nicholas celebrations. This makes it a uniquely Dutch royal palace that is both a residential and a working palace – a Dutch palace full of life.

Dutch royal christmas | Paleis Het Loo
Family Christmas diners

Explore history at the largest Dutch royal palace  

Built in 1684 on the commission of Stadtholder-King Willem III and Princess Mary, the Dutch royal palace radiates the atmosphere and history of the Dutch royal family members who live, work and unwind here.

Each new generation of Dutch royals leaves their mark on Paleis Het Loo. So as you move from room to room in this Dutch palace, you explore the evolving history of the Netherlands. You see the real objects of the real people who live in the palace. Dutch royal palace Paleis Het Loo is rooted in history and moving with the times.