Museum pass is your key to the palace

Museum pass gives you free entry to some 450 museums across the Netherlands, including Paleis Het Loo.

You can buy your museum pass at Paleis Het Loo or any of the participating Dutch museums on the day of your visit. You receive a temporary museum card that lets you visit up to five museums. It’s great value for money because the museum card pays for itself if you visit three to four museums during your stay in the Netherlands. So your museum pass is your economical, easy and convenient way to unlock the cultural treasures of the Netherlands.

Paleis Het Loo - Museum pass
Paleis Het Loo in Apeldoorn.

Discover Paleis Het Loo with your museum pass

Your museum pass rolls out the red carpet for you at the Paleis Het Loo museum. As you wander through the palace rooms and gardens, you move through the history of the Netherlands as the museum tells the story of over 300 years of Dutch royal life in the palace.

As the summer palace of the Dutch royal family for more than three centuries, Paleis Het Loo and the history of the Netherlands are intertwined. You’ll see the way the palace’s residents lived, with all the rooms featuring their original furnishings and decors. With its modestly proportioned rooms, subdued grandeur and aesthetic symmetry, Paleis Het Loo has a distinctly Dutch feel. It’s unlike any other palace you’ve visited.

Palace tours with audio guide | Paleis Het Loo
Palace tours with audio guide.
Dutch royal chambers | Paleis Het Loo
Queen Emma's sitting room.

Museum pass and Paleis Het Loo open the palace to the world

Paleis Het Loo becomes a museum in 1984 and begins accepting the museum card Netherlands from that time. It’s a great way to let more people discover the palace and its history. Every year since, the museum welcomes thousands of museum pass holders. Fully refurbished during 2018-2022, Museum Paleis Het Loo takes you on a journey through the history of The House of Orange and the Netherlands. Every room, staircase, nook and cranny in the palace has a story to tell.

Stadtholder Willem III and Princess Mary Stuart commission the palace’s construction in 1684. After buying the small Het Oude Loo Castle the same year, the young couple decide to have a larger summer palace built next to it. It’s an A location nestled in the heart of the Veluwe forest surrounded by a vast hunting area. The site is also perfect for a palace garden because it is positioned at a low point so the water for the plants and fountains flows from sources from higher grounds. Today the palace and the gardens have been restored to their original glory. With your museum pass Netherlands you can explore every part of the palace, stables and gardens.      

View from the palace roof | Paleis Het Loo
View from the palace roof.

Grab your museum pass and get going  

Paleis Het Loo is easy to reach from every direction. Situated in the woodlands on the edge of the city of Apeldoorn in central Netherlands, you can reach Paleis Het Loo easily by car or public transport from every part of the Netherlands. Paleis Het Loo is just an hour from Amsterdam and 40 minutes from Utrecht. There is ample parking and a low-cost shuttle service to and from the carpark to the palace. When you reach the palace, you just check in quickly with your museum card and start exploring all Paleis Het Loo has to offer.

Tourist attraction Netherlands | Paleis Het Loo.
The tea pavilion at the field pond.

Walk in the park with the museum pass

With your museum card, you can enjoy a walk through a section of the palace park. Take the two-kilometre Orange Trail to explore the treasures of this park that extends behind the palace gardens. During this 45-minute walk, you stroll through the romantic landscaped park with its winding pathways, ponds and small bridges. The park has a completely different look and feel than the formal baroque gardens. The Orange Trail gives you a unique glimpse into the personal life of the Dutch Royal family through the generations. At the bathing pavilion, King William III would take a dip in the pond. Queen Wilhelmina would often set up her painter’s easel in the park to be inspired by nature. And King Willem-Alexander is said to have enjoyed getting lost in the maze as a young Prince of Orange. So you’re walking in the footsteps of kings, queens, princes and princesses as you follow the Orange Trail.

Make a day of it with your museum pass

There’s so much to do inside and outside Paleis Het Loo that you can make a day of it. Find some gifts in one of the two Paleis Het Loo giftshops. Enjoy lunch, coffee and drinks at one of the restaurants: the Ballroom restaurant or the prins Hendrik garage grand cafe. Or why not go for the royal treatment with afternoon tea in the Ballroom? With your museum pass, you’re welcome to reserve your table for a spread fit for a king or queen.